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Child Plans

The child plan provides both protection and investment opportunities. It is an insurance and investment plan. The plan financially secures a childs future and it also finances all the major events in a childs future like higher education and marriage.

Health Plans

Health Plans offers financial protection against medical expenses incurred in treating injuries from an accident or a medical condition covered under a policy. The financial protection could be in the form of cashless treatment

Personal Accident Plans

Personal Accident plans guards an individual in the event of intentional or unintentional mishap which may cause impairment, whether short-term or long-term wounds or even demise. These plans provide for a lumpsum amount

Pension Plans

Pension plans also known as Retirement plans are investment plans that let’s you allocate a part of your savings to accumulate over a period of time and provide you with steady income after retirement. A Pension is a fund into which a sum of money

Motor Plans

Motor Plans covers for losses that you might occur if your vehiclecar gets damaged or stolen. Motor Insurance can be bought for all types of vehicles which include 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers and commercial vehicles.

Householder Plans

House Holder Plans covers the risks of damage to various household articles arising by virtue of natural calamities like fire , earth quake , burglary and also covers personal accident. The House holder policy also covers the damage to the house due to a natural or a man made calamity.

Shopkeeper Plans

A shopkeeper’s insurance policy is designed for small shop owners to provide against damage or loss of the structure of the shop and its contents. By availing this coverage , a shopkeeper can peacefully carry out his day-to-day activities as his risks arising out of the damage to his shop/establishment from fire,

Savings Plans

Savings plan Ccreates a disciplined investment habit over a long term . Through this policy, an investor can grow a huge corpus and at the same time be covered against various life’s risks. On survival of the policy term, the investor is paid the lumpsum corpus.

Protection Plans

Protection Plans help in maintaining the Life style of a family when the main earning member of the family suffers a fatal casualty.The plan provides a lumpsum if a casualty occurs during the term of the plan. These plans are available at a very low price. Protection plans can also be bought tooffer a safety

Travel Plans

Travel Plans are a kind of an insurance policy that covers certain incidents such as , loss of flight , delay or cancellation , trip cancellation , checked baggage loss ,loss of passport , including any emergency that may occur while you are travelling within India or aborad.

Investment Plans

Investment plans are a combination of both investment and insurance.. Investment plans provide an opportunity to create wealth for the future. Investment plans are mostly unit linked and the risk of investment depends on the individual persons risk taking ability. The plans provide from fully equity based funds to a combination of equity and debt.

Critical illness Plans

Critical Illness plans cover a financial loss that arise due to a serious health condition that has a debilitating effect on an individual’s lifestyle and requires a considerable money towards treatment. It may also lead to loss of income due to inability to work.



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