Terms of Use

Terms of Use

There is no doubt that www.maibro.in , a professional portal for online brokerage, has a skilled panel on its board, which is making diligent efforts to supply true information to our visitors. But being human we are prone to make mistake at any point of time. In any way we cannot be held guilty for the information that might appears to be quite irrelevant for some section of visitors. However while visiting our site if you find out anything not up to your requirement we request you to report us as quickly as possible. In other words if you incur damage due to use of any material from our portal you cannot held responsible in that matter. As our piece of advice you have to do the verification as well as rechecking before going for your selections. For instance MAIBRO also can be accused in case you meet with any kind of virus attack or related damage during accessing our info. There is no bar in uploading audio, text message, video and many more but we are also held no liability for those things also. Do not use any copyright materials on our site for any commercial usage. Since information on MAIBRO portal is thoroughly updated and also modified on a regular basis we cannot be accountable for any kind of lapse in information flow to your end. In addition we have reserved the exclusive copyright of any information that is being posted on our portal. Besides loads of data, articles and other information remarks, testimonials, enquires of the clients also are being posted in our portal. In order to get acquainted with the shortcomings and utility of our portal you are advised to go through this section with due attention. Conditions of use are likely to change according to company's discretion. You authorize us to contact you via email, or sms. We will send quotes and policy related information to you on phone or email.


With the intention of providing information on online brokerage MAIBRO offers data that are not only accurate but authentic too. In other words the information is basic and most standard ones. MAIBRO is not responsible for any kind of incongruity. At MAIBRO there is no scope for any kind of violation of copyright or any other intellectual copyright issues. The information that is given on MAIBRO is left for the judgment of the same and is to be expected to change without notification. We make no delay to communicate any changes in matters of public value and efficacy. MAIBRO has taken every possible step to sustain standards in intelligibility, excellence as well as the correctness of the materials that are being published on our portal. However MAIBRO is not lawfully responsible for all such things being mentioned there. It is to be noted that all the partners, employees and allied staffs who are associated with MAIBRO are also not liable for any kind of failure, impairment or any kind of damages that might occur due to the use of information from our portal. In such cases customers are given the advice to apply their own wisdom and prudence in order to know the shortcomings of the insurance policies and the risks involved. MAIBRO are not accountable for any such issues. You are advised to go through the documents with rapt attention and sincerity. The common perception is that the customers will get associated with our portal at their personal risk and preferential criteria. All the visitors of MAIBRO.com must take note of the fact that portal's owner are not the agents or intermediaries of the insurance providers whose products are dealt with in this portal. Although honest venture is taken to create accurate comparison of product policies, and other things like features, quotes and many more on the basis of the information being given by the providers or insurers or its agents, it is being clear that MAIBRO.com is not answerable for any client for investment decision, and everyone should be only bear the brunt of the outcome of his/her decision.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The premium paid towards an insurance policy directly goes to respective insurance company, and if you want to cancel or request refund of policy, you need to get in touch with your insurance company. And all requests are subject to the underwriting guidelines of the insurance company. However, in case you wish to get more information, kindly contact at our Toll free number 1800 123 624276.

effective as of 29-09-2018

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